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This is a live demo of the table component.
Feel free to manipulate the controls to see how ConspireComponents can empower and expedite your development!


Easy to use components
Easily create tabbed pages, data tables, forms and more - all in a few lines of code. Each component is completely controllable via PHP code, reducing the need for working with split PHP/HTML files.

The entire suite has a set of built in themes, designed to complement our site design, all from a single line of code. The themes are also fully customisable and you can even build your own themes - directly from your PHP code.

Stunning Control Theming
The ConspireComponents suite comes with a range of fantastic themes, all loadable from a single line of code, that's ready to slot straight into your existing site color scheme.

Impress your visitors with a sleek, modern appearance on your controls and dive deeper into your code to easily apply new styles and images for an entirely new look.
Clean and Efficient Code
The ConspireComponents suite is a cost-effective and powerful way to represent your data - using only PHP code. It's as simple as instantiating a class and calling a member to manipulate the control to make it appear exactly as you want it to.

Each control allows you to modify it's appearance and behavior, from CSS styling to automatic data validation on forms - and everything in between.

Flexible Licensing
Licensing is a breeze. You'll get access to our innovative licensing platform.

Simply choose the license tier that's suitable for your needs, from 1 site - right up to an unlimited install.

Every time you build a new site, simply add the domain to your licensing control panel and the license manager will handle the rest. You can deactivate old sites to free up slots or upgrade your license at anytime with additional site slots.

Table Component

Powerful, Dynamic Tables in Minutes

The table component allows you to easily output data in a clear and efficient way, and in a way that is easy for your users to read and understand.

Key Features

  • Sortable Columns
  • Data Filtering / Search
  • Component Theming
  • MySQL Database Support
  • CSV File Import
  • Array / String row additions

Code Example


include 'conspirecomponents/conspire.table.php';
$table = new conspire_table();
$table->setTitle('CSV Demo');
$table->setHeaders('string', 'ID, Employee, Job Title');
$table->addDataSource('CSVFile', 'data.csv');

CSV Demo
IDEmployeeJob Title
#1Joey BloggsFinancier
#2Ted BurchardTeam Leader
#3Christian Kahele2IC
#4Eanestine HearnsCEO
#5Ted CowgillPublic Relations
#6Tabatha BundwickCustomer Service
#7Ililia GraddyMarketing
#8Selena McGrailDisaster Relief
#9Neil MolynuexIT Department
#10Rosalinda FlurryFrontline Sales


Reduce Page Complexity

Easily manage information on your pages and reduce page complexity ten-fold!

Key Features

  • Component Theming
  • Content can be entered via string or imported from URL
  • MySQL Queries can be imported directly into tab contents (Great for building a custom CMS!)
  • Tabs can be located above, or beside the content area
  • Paging support for large tab-sets

Code Example


include 'conspirecomponents/conspire.tabs.php';
$table = new conspire_tabs();
$table->addTab('Tab #1', 'URL', 'tab_contents_1.html');
$table->addTab('Tab #2', 'URL', 'tab_contents_2.html');
$table->addTab('Tab #3', 'HTML', 'This is an HTML string');

Tab #1
Tab #2
Tab #3

About the tab component

The tab component is great for loading lots of content into a single page.
The other tabs contain more information about the tab component.
Click here to see tab #2

Tabs are useful for organizing information into categories, without having to create multiple pages on your web server.

You can load tab content from a URL, SQL Query, or by passing HTML from a string.
You can even pass the output of another component to the tab content.

There is no limit on how many tabs you can have on your page and the component is fully theme aware.

Tree Component

Build relationships

Show data in a hierarchial way to ensure your customers see how the data relate to each other.

Plus, they'll still be able to filter the data set to see exactly what they need to.

Key Features

  • Full Theme Support
  • Users can expand and collapse nodes at will
  • Data Filtering hides what the user doesn't need to see
  • Unlimited Recursion Depth*
  • Child nodes can be placed freely under any parent
  • Any valid HTML can be displayed - add links or buttons to the tree!

* Hardware limitations may apply

Code Example


include 'conspirecomponents/conspire.tree.php';
$table = new conspire_tree();
$table->setTitle('Tree Demo');
$table->addBranch('PNode1', 'Parent 1');
$table->addBranch('CNode1', 'Child 1', 'PNode1');
$table->addBranch('SNode1', 'Sub Child 1', 'CNode1');
$table->addBranch('SNode2', 'Sub Child 2', 'CNode1');
$table->addBranch('CNode2', 'Child 2', 'PNode1');
$table->addBranch('PNode2', 'Parent 2');
$table->addBranch('CNode3', 'Child 3', 'PNode2');

Tree Demo
[+] Parent 1
[+] Parent 2

Form Component

Collect Information

Easily process user submitted data and take the stress out of managing form results and data validation.

Key Features

  • Theme Support
  • Posted form data can be saved to:
    • Files stored on the server
    • SQL Databases
    • Your inbox - via email
    • Somewhere custom, via a callback function.
  • SQL Database Support
  • Built-in Data Validation Methods

* Hardware limitations may apply

Code Example


include 'conspirecomponents/conspire.form.php';
$table = new conspire_form();
$table->addField('Text', 'Subject');
$table->addField('Text', 'Message');
$table->addField('Number', 'Numerical Characters Only');



Numerical Characters Only

License Options

Personal Suite License
For use on Non-Business websites.
Not for inclusion in applications.

1x Domain
3x Domains
5x Domains

Additional sites USD1.50 per domain
Commercial License
For use on Business websites.
Not for inclusion in non-hosted apps.

5x Domains
10x Domains
25x Domains

Additional sites USD4.95 per domain

Developer License
Suitable for inclusion in applications that are distributed to a third party.

Volume Licensing Applies
End-users may not access the SDK directly.

Contact Us For pricing on larger scale projects.

How do we define Applications?
The personal licenses allow you to include the component suite on a web page for you and your visitors to use, for example: the tabs component for navigation, or, the form component for contact forms, etc.
You may use the personal license in an admin area that your users cannot access.

Business license holders may use the components in a hosted application, which remains on your servers.

Applications that are to be installed on the customers server, fall under the developer license.

ConspireComponents requires the use of the IonCube Runtimes which are available for free from