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For CreamingSoda

Release 2


Professional Edition
Major Upgrade
  1. Adds SQL Server storage locations
  2. Adds FTP storage location
  3. Ability to create standalone files for storing repositories
  4. Archive compression
  5. Archive encryption with a user-specified password

Standard Edition
Major Upgrade
  1. User specified revision scanning intervals
  2. Checkout builds (to export saved files back into a working directory)
  3. Command Line Only installation mode
  4. Background tweaks for increased performance and stability
  5. Easier import of existing repositories


All Editions
Minor Maintenance (Installer Patch)
  1. Fixes an issue where D3DCompiler was mis-detected on some systems and failed to install


All Editions
Minor Maintenance
  1. Fixes an issue where certain security settings wouldn't allow the creation of the default settings profile
  2. Fixes minor graphical issues
  3. Adds support for more image formats when previewing files

Release 1


All Editions
Minor Maintenance (Feature)
  1. Adds support for multiple user licenses for enterprise customers


All Editions
Initial Release
  1. The first ever CreamingSoda Release!


All Editions
Minor Maintenance
  1. Fixes some minor issues surrounding automatic revision scanning