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SSL is a system which encrypts traffic from a user's web browser and the website they're connecting to. This is essential for sites where users may need to submit personal or confidential information to a site, such as address or credit card information. SSL Certificates ensure customers can verify the identity of your site and that the connection to it is safe and secure. They're also a great way to build trust in users that may otherwise be skeptical ordering from a new site.

Enhanced Privacy = Greater Trust

By encrypting the traffic between you and your customer, their privacy is enhanced greatly. Furthermore, users will feel they can trust your site more readily since their information is safer. It could mean the difference between a sale, and an abandoned cart.

SEO Benefits

More recently, search engines have started applying more weight to sites that value customer privacy and have an SSL Certificate guarding the public website. This translates to a higher ranking in certain search engines, which in turn boosts your website traffic!
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Sectigo Positive SSL (Single Domain)

$12.50 / Year

Basic Ownership Validation
Ownership + administrative control of a domain is validated

$10,000 Warranty

Domain Validation

2048-Bit Key 256-Bit Encryption

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