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Virtual Private Servers

Your own, personal, cloud-connected playground!

Super-fast OpenVZ

More power + more control, ideal for mid-range processing

By utilizing para-virtualization technology, our OpenVZ plans are able to offer unparalleled performance, meaning you get more out of your VPS account. We're also please to announce that all OpenVZ instances are SSD backed, so you now get even more performance than ever before - a massive help for the next big cloud product you've just created!

Optimized Hardware

We use specialized host server hardware, designed from conception to maximize performance within para-virtualized guest instances.

Security Focused Linux

To get your project off the ground faster, we have a range of security hardened, LAMP stack images (based on your choice of CentOS; Debian or Ubuntu).

Complete Freedom

With Conspire VPS, you're free to alter the base configuration in any way you need: install custom software, run binary code - the options are virtually endless.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

As defined in our Service Level Agreement

24/7 Same-Hour Support

Full details covered in the SLA documentation
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Per Month (Open Term)


CPU vCore(s)


30GB Storage


Data Transfer

1 CPU vCore(s)

1024MB 30GB Storage

1TB Data Transfer

Management Service


Dedicated IP

 Included Free!

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Your server, your code

With Conspire Virtual Servers, you get full access to a complete virtualized environment. You can install any combination of software, code or operating system you need to get your site or application up and running.

 Your choice of Linux OS
 SSH Access
 Optional Managed Maintenance
 Pick your physical location

Tools for resellers

If you need to design and build website or applications on behalf of your customers, our VPS packages include tools to help you manage provisioning resources and domains - so you can focus on your customer.

 Resell Domains
 Client Billing + Support Tools
 Uptime Monitoring
 Pick your own Control Panel

24/7 Support

Conspire Cloud Hosting is backed by a team of highly trained professionals who monitor the performance and uptime of our server clusters. Each server is built with modern hardware and designed to handle large websites & CPU intensive tasks.

 1 Hour Response
 Virus + SPAM Protection
 Access / Error Statistics
 Fast Connectivity

Connect the world

Conspire VPS is in more places, so you can be closer to your customers

Chicago, IL





Lower latency to your visitors

Give your customers a super-fast link to your website by choosing data center sites that are close to them.

Keep your project safe & secure

When utilizing multiple Conspire locations, you can replicate your code in multiple places: you'll always have a copy, even if the unthinkable happens

Your own private CDN

Save money by combining the full power of Conspire VPS plans together into one mesh network: create your very own private Content Delivery Network!



CPU vCore(s)


Guaranteed RAM


Disk Space


Data Transfer

Need more control?

Our KVM plans offer full virtualization + more freedom in OS choice

If your project requires something a little different, our hypervisor based KVM instances let you install custom operating systems via disc image. This gives you greater flexibility over the project, by giving you fine grained control over which operating system + software configuration powers your virtual machine.





Hypervisor guests are futher isolated from the host and don't require the same operating system on both host and guest. This allows you to install alternative plaforms, from Windows to Solaris!

KVM instances also boast increased disk access and RAM swap speeds, suitable for hosting write-heavy applications or large databases that make frequent storage requests.