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Automatic Revision Control Management



By Conspire Web Services

Imagine a transparent source revision tool. One that integrates cleanly into any environment: from software, to publishing (or even game saves states). A revision source tool that doesn't get in the way (until you need it most). That automatically scans for file changes, and is easy to use. Imagine... ...CreamingSoda.

File Scanning


Note Tracker

CLI Scripting

IDE Integration


Minimum System Requirements
Windows XP or above
800Mhz CPU
512MB System RAM
Ample Disk Space (for repositories)

Recommended Requirements
Windows 7 or above
1.6Ghz CPU
2GB System RAM

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Automatic Revision Scanning

Automated Source Version Tagging

Advanced Command Line Control

Industry Standard XML Files

Automatically track file changes and log release notes with our innovative CreamingSoda software!

Focus on what drives you

Reduce your maintenance workload, so you can focus on productivity!

CreamingSoda is Conspire Web Services' newest software innovation. It's a source revision tool that doesn't stand in the way, does its job quietly in the background and is easy to use. Since this innovative tool is flexible, it integrates easily into any work environment and handles any type of source code or document.

Your own personal time machine

CreamingSoda stores all modifications made to a file, so you can revisit and reference earlier versions from any point in time.

Keep track of your work

The in-built note taking feature lets you remind your future self (or team members) about the changes you've just made and why they are a valuable addition to the project.

Every time a revision is made, CreamingSoda saves a copy of your document, so you can always go back to an earlier version - handy for when you accidentally remove a section in your important report, or need to reference your legacy software code. There is no limit to the amount of revisions that can be made: keep editing your files and CreamingSoda will keep making revisions - back the entire life span of your project and as far into the future as you need it.

Seamless Integration

CreamingSoda offers unparalleled flexibility over your project

CreamingSoda provides a new way of version control, which was one of the driving factors to create a new and unique type of revision control system. Each time a file is changed, it creates a 'revision'. Each snapshot (build) creates an entire backup of your file + directory structure. For software developers, this provides even greater control over build management, by allowing you to step back to any point in time and rebuild your application exactly as it was.

Save Disk Space

Where possible, CreamingSoda will scan for files that have been changed since your last snapshot. Of course, you can still manually select files to include in each revision.

Easy Integration

CreamingSoda slots into almost any environment, using its powerful scripting and command line interfaces. Want to take a complete snapshot on each and every compile? Can Do!

Fail-Safe Working Environment

By default, CreamingSoda watches the files in your project and makes a backup every time you hit save. Never worry about making an irrecoverable mistake ever again!