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Evolution of Hosting

Originally posted September 2010

- 12:00 AM

17 September 2010

Every now and then we review our hosting services and re-work our offerings to best suit our wonderful, ever-changing world and the emerging markets it contains. We figured, what better time to do this once again, than our recent site refit. We've done this many times before and will continue to do so in the future.

When we can, we take the opportunity to upgrade our offers so you can be sure you're getting the best deal we can possibly offer. This is why we've upgrade the business, corporate and enterprise plans to all feature UNLIMITED disk space and monthly transfer. In addition, the amount of domains you can host on each of the three have been increased - as well as a few other bits and pieces here and there.

We've also pledged to keep the price at the exact same retail prices it has always been - even with these massive increases, we're not tempted to alter the pricing in any way!

We're not stopping there either. Over the next few days we'll be reviewing the Budget plan to make way for a new 'Starter' plan. At this stage it's unclear whether the Budget plan will be moved up to make the starter plan the new entry-level or whether the Budget plan will be a stepping stone to the start plan. Either way, the budget plan will get an overhaul.

We're quite excited about the changes that have been made and have looked back over the years to produce this table outlining the changes we've made previously:

Plan 2007/8 2009 2010


15,000MB Storage
300GB Storage
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Transfer


25,000MB Storage
400GB Transfer
2,500,000MB Storage
25,000GB Transfer


40,000MB Storage
500GB Transfer
4,500,000MB Storage
45,000GB Transfer

Update: We've completed our evaluation of the Budget plan and introduced the Starter plan. The budget plan will remain the entry level plan and will increase by 14,000MB storage and 140GB for transfer. The starter plan is available between the Budget and Business plans and features UNLIMITED storage and transfers (inline with the previous upgrades)

Please note: Customers will NOT be able to upgrade from the Budget plan to the Starter plan. The next available upgrade from the Budget plan will be the Business Plan.