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New Hosting Control Panel

Originally posted December 2010

- 12:00 AM

16 December 2010

A new web hosting control went live earlier today, marking the conclusion of the beta testing period. Shared Hosting customers will now be greeted with a new login screen which can be used to log into the old hosting control panel (version 2) or the new control panel (version 3). Both versions can be switched between, so you don't have to make a decision straight away and stick with it - if a particular task calls for version 2, just log out and log back in using the version selector. ![WHCPlogin.png](http://m8.blade-conspire.com/storage/uploads/2020/09/20/5f671c040ca1aWHCPlogin.png) Version 3 boasts a variety of new features, such as a revamped file browser - with syntax highlighting while you edit, meaning you don't have to leave your browser to change a snippet of code. The easy to use controls make editing settings a breeze and the handy quick view boxes make it easier to see how you are making use of your hosting plan. ![WHCPv3.png](http://m8.blade-conspire.com/storage/uploads/2020/09/20/5f671c054aad0WHCPv3.png) We really believe the new hosting control panel brings a wealth of new features and functionality. Because of this, Version 3 will now be the default control panel. Dedicated and VPS hosting customers will not be able to switch between the two version and only version 3 is availabe from now.