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Support Section Launched

Originally posted December 2010

Auckland - 12:00 AM

23 December 2010

A new area of the site has been officially launched today: the support section - which contains forums, articles, tutorials, software version information and documentation. Two sections of the support page have been created, giving you quick access to hosting or software documentation and allowing you to log into the various control panels you may have access to. Both areas have their own dedicated support forums - per product in the software section and a global hosting forum with different areas for various account types. While only members can create new topics, guest users can post their replies to any topic (just like you don't need an account to add comments to news articles) Additionally, a new tagging system has been implemented which allows us to categorize news articles and other pages. The support page uses this to separate news about hosting form news about our software and vice versa. The documentation that was previously available to licensees has been made available to the public, so you can now get a feel for the software before grabbing a trial version - maximizing your potential trial time. We'll also be adding articles and tutorials on the subjects we get the most requests for. At the moment, two hosting related articles are available: ['Uploading Files via FTP'](/articles/uploading-files-via-ftp) and ['Troubleshooting PHP Scripts'](/articles/troubleshooting-php-scripts) We'll try to make articles as useful as possible for a wide range of users (not just Conspire Web Services customers) which is why we've included as much information as possible. There are 3 variations on the Uploading files via FTP tutorial - two that explain how to use the built-in tools from popular operating systems and one for a well know dedicated FTP client. There a few more variations coming soon, so check back often to see if your operating system is supported.