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Domain Pricing Changes

Chicago, IL - 12:00 AM

29 November 2011

We are pleased to announce another major price drop on the .AT TLD - which is now a new low price of $40.00 - down a further $20.00 (a combined total of $45.00 since we introduced .AT domains!)

Reluctantly we have need to increase the prices on .COM.MX domains - however, we have dropped the pricing further on .AT domains. Read more to find out why and by how much.

Unfortunately, the registrar purchase pricing for .COM.MX registrations has increased, so we've had to change the registration price to $50.00 - an increase of $20.00. We will continue to monitor pricing to see whether we can decrease the price again in the future.

For customers that can no longer afford to register or renew .COM.MX domains via Conspire Web Services, be aware that if you find a cheaper price elsewhere - you can still use our hosting services with a domain registered through another company.

If this is something you wish to do, contact our support staff to find out more.