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New Website Layout

NZST - 12:00 AM

10 June 2012

Once again we've modified the Conspire Web Services home page in an effort to make all the information we need to display easier to read.

Visual Changes
The most obvious change is the overall simplification of the site content, instead of complex boxes we've opted to scale back the design to simple plain colors, which makes the accented areas of the page more noticeable and lessens eye strain when looking through pages with lots of information.

Along with the change to the boxes, we've introduced a new font to the site: Open Sans and increased the default size to make the site content more legible for a wider audience.

We've also introduced a special treat for users that are running modern browsers with large format monitors (any monitor that has a minimum resolution of 1800px width). When viewing the site on a compatible monitor - essentially any Full HD monitor or higher - you'll notice that the central content column splits in two, with the main content to the left and any meta information to the right. Try it now - make sure your monitor is set to 1800 pixels across and then maximize your browser window on this page. Try re-sizing the window down to a smaller width and the content will dynamically change back to a single column window.

Background Changes
The reasoning for changing the website stems from a number of several background changes to our content management system. We've changed the way building our site works to create a more robust system that scales to a wider range of sites.

We've also made a way for us to access a central database of hosting information and the site now links directly into our back-end pricing system - meaning any changes to a hosting plan is immediately updated across all pages that reference that information. This also means we can bring any changes in pricing to market quicker, passing any price decreases to our customers quicker than ever before.

All of the functionality has been rewritten in a way that better realizes our goals of a quicker and more efficient website. It was clear that we had to make the site load faster, so we cut back a fair deal of the processing each page load needs to do. The result is a faster server-side processing time, which is more efficient and avoids performing similar actions twice.

New Products & Changes to Existing Products
While we've been focusing on building our new site, we've decided to hold off on any product announcements, since any of the pages will have need to be ported across to the new platform. It gave us motivation to finish the changes quicker, so we can roll out our new products at the same time.

Here is a quick list of new our new products and changes: