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The new Conspire Backup is here!

Now cheaper and easier to use, than ever before!

Virginia - 12:00 AM

11 August 2019

It's now even more affordable (and easier) than ever before to make sure your business has a safe, secure backup strategy. Starting today, we've simplified our Conspire Backup offering and made it up to 25x cheaper than before.

Up to 25x cheaper
Our new platform pricing enables you to store all your data in your cloud vault if needed.
The base plan includes 250GB out of the gate. That's over 5x as much storage as the old 'Personal' plan for the same and more than double the 'Corporate' plan for a quarter of the price!

Even more exciting is the overage fees, of just $0.01 per GB (15 - 25x cheaper depending on which tier you were on before).

What's more, is our minimum billing increment is just 1GB, so you only pay for exactly what you need (no need to purchase blocks of 100GB or even terrabytes like other providers require).

One access tier
We've removed the "Corporate" plan and now everyone gets the same features and data rates.
This means you can perform full system backups, SQL server and Exchange backups at the old "Personal" plan prices.
You'll get the same tools as Enterprise IT Managers have at their disposal for your home based business, no sacrifices necessary!

Non-stop backups
You'll no longer need to worry whether you have enough quota to cover the next backup, the new Conspire Backup will allow you to keep going, great news when you're unsure if the weekend schedule is going to run (or you've planned a few days away from the office!).

Additionally, if you know roughly how much storage you'll need ahead of time, you can eliminate bill-shock by ordering enough storage up front (that way even if you go over by a few GB, you'll only be a few cents over)