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Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

It is our duty and responsibility to protect our staff and their communities, not our bottom-line.

Auckland - 12:00 AM

14 March 2020

Conspire Web Services and our parent company Blade-Conspire International is committed to public safety and we wanted to take the time to issue a public statement to our customers regarding the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Most customers that this information concerns will already know much of what is covered here, but it also pays to have a published record for future reference.

All staff and contractors in any location worldwide have been urged to work remotely where possible and appropriate equipment has been supplied where necessary. This is not expected to impact the level of service our customers have come to expect from us.

Typically visits to our sales offices are by appointment only, so this already serves to help our staff limit their exposure to potential risks. To further aid this response, we will be cutting back on available appointment slots to allow time for symptoms to present before the next round of meeting slots occur. Anyone that does need to visit or work from the office will be required to take additional measures to protect themselves and others. We have stationed hand-sanitizer stations in the lobby and near any 'high-traffic' areas, such as near elevators and hallways. Janitorial services have been booked on higher rotation, with particular attention paid to disinfecting shared surfaces.

For any on-premise appointments, staff will need to consider tele-conferencing options as priority. If this is not feasible, we will assess the health and safety practises of any clients we visit and make a decision ahead of time to go ahead with the meetings or to postpone it to a later time. We request any documentation clients and suppliers might have prepared earlier be sent to the corresponding case manager for any upcoming appointments.

Occasionally tours are scheduled for larger client groups and IT leaders to see how we operate internally. Following talks with some of our data-center partners, all public tours of any Conspire Web Services technology facility has been suspended until further notice. This includes any locations that do not currently have any confirmed cases. We have taken this measure to protect our System Administrators in these data facilities and to protect the staff of other providers that operate in the same locations.

We request that any customers, suppliers or contractors that may have encountered COVID-19 please contact us to disclose any potential risk to our staff. We currently do not have any confirmed cases in any business unit but have a disclosure plan in place for any potential threats to our customers.

Finally, we guarantee paid sick leave for all staff and full-time contractors world-wide, regardless of local standards and practises. A statement has been issued internally to urge staff take care of themselves before returning from work – if any cases are confirmed the priority must continue to be limiting further spread to other staff and the general public. Any scheduled payments will be made on-time and an internal relief fund has been made available for any staff member that has been placed in extended isolation, should that occur.