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Branded Web Conferencing Rooms

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Auckland - 09:00 AM

12 October 2020

Our intrepid followers may have noticed a slight refresh to our website over the last few days. We introduced a couple of new products, as well as migrated the public facing website to our new in-house management platform (and away from our custom 'headless' OpenCart based system we had before).

This refresh was due to our development of new tools and processes to help small business recover through what seems like what might possibly be the worst year in modern history. We needed a toolset that scaled to any task, while allowing us to build new website quickly for the surge of demand we faced. Over the course of a few weeks, we had a new platform that we (and our clients) loved. So much so, that we adopted it for ourselves too!

Another thing that needed to scale up rapidly was the way we all work from home and maintain the close meeting space creative development requires. After a rocky (and expensive) start with contemporary solutions, our team trialled a new in-house system that we could re-brand for our customers. That is what we're presenting today: a cheaper alternative to web meetings that presents YOUR BRAND to customers, without any of the limitations imposed on traditional platforms.

Branded - out of the box

The first thing that most customers will appreciate, is the fully white-labelled nature of our new Web Conferencing tool. Your logo and slides are presented to the customer at all times, for a fraction of the cost of other enterprise solutions.

No time limits

Since we offer an UNLIMITED PLAN at a monthly rate, you no longer have to juggle the 60 minute reconnect (or worse, paid extensions) that plagues other meeting platforms. If your team want to stay online all day to talk to each other, that's entirely possible.

Flexible access

Browser Based Access
No plugins or software is required, users can connect entirely through their browser or smartphone - great news for IT departments and great news for you, since you no longer have to talk customers through the setup / login process. Simply fire them the link in an email and you're good to go.

Dial-in Numbers
We also include a private, dedicated dial-in phone number in your area code to connect audio-only visitors - just like a conference call, but with much less hassle. Phone based visitors can still choose to view the broadcast screen too, handy if they don't have access to a microphone / headset - or a when remote office want to join as a group in a physical meeting room.

Splinter Groups
To aid in productivity, you can setup splinter cells in your meeting room, so departments can meet seperately to the main area and collaborate on their own set of problems (without having to sit through the general meeting schedule).

Broadcast (or peer-cast)

You have the option to broadcast your desktop, a presentation or pre-recorded video to guests (as well as link in other streaming platforms) and each visitor can choose to enter their voice or camera into the meeting space. Almost any scenario you can think of is possible, so you don't have to pick which platform is the best candidate to host your next meeting on - it can all be done in one location!