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Service Suspensions: Russia

Services targeting Russian customers have been discontinued until further notice.

America/Chicago - 12:00 AM

11 March 2022

First, let us take this opportunity to admonish the actions taken by the Russian government and strongly condemn their invasion of Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the brave people fighting for their freedom and independence, as we hope for a speedy resolution and immediate cessation of needless bloodshed. Our friends, colleagues and innocent people in Ukraine have been targeted for their steadfast resolve in simply wishing for a peaceful life in the country they call home.

Geographical restrictions
Following international sanction efforts and trade restriction efforts aimed at placing economic pressure toward the Russian government, we have made the decision to discontinue service to customers based in Russia and Belarus, effective immediately.

.RU domain restrictions
This also extends to the registration of .RU domain names to any customer, regardless of their physical location or affiliation.

Finally, we would also like to acknowledge that this decision will affect ordinary Russian citizens that are suffering because of the decisions of their leadership. Whether simply financially, or because of distress caused by their neighbours plight (particuarly those that have families split by the border), we know that the coming weeks will be tough. We will review the situation as events unfold.